Every week, on Saturday, there is an organic market held in Serra Talhada, which the families we are staying with use to sell their produce.

The first market we attended was a special celebration, the celebration of the Caatinga vegetation here in the Sertão, which is the unique eco-region characteristic of the Semi Arid region of North East Brazil. It was a very special day, with local schools performing traditional dances, such as xaxado (see video to come), exhibitions about the different flora and fauna to be found in this eco-region, and the medicinal uses of the plants.
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The agro-ecological market, which sells only organic produce (no chemical fertiliser or pesticide is used in the cultivation of the produce sold). From Wednesday until market day the families step up their preparation for all the market produce – killing and preparing the chickens, fruit and vegetable picking, fruit pulping for making juice, cheese production and much more, to be able to leave the community at 4:30 am on Saturday to arrive at the market and set up the stalls.

With the support from CECOR, this market is a great opportunity for families to sell their produce, which is healthy for us as well as being good for the environment, helping to create balanced ecosystems and encourage multilayered farming patterns. Such activities must be supported to encourage sustainable living. I have photos of the market and the activities we carry out with the families, but this will have to wait for a day when I have a faster internet connection. Next week, more on agroecological farming techniques.




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