Doctorate in Computational Lexicography.

I hold a PhD in computational lexicography, for my thesis titled, “A lexicographic approach to profiling nomenclature usage in the biodiversity literature”. Through the research project I explored the possibility of using lexicographic techniques to profile lexical variation in the context of terminology usage across different texts and domains, with a focus on the biodiversity literature. I have the seeds of an idea to develop this methodology to apply to the field of human rights for accountability and compliance purposes.

I am currently working with the Concept Analytics Lab on a project studying post-COVID changes in energy consumption with the University of Sussex.

Through my research I have developed corpus linguistic techniques and expertise that could be useful for budding social science and linguist researchers, as well as translators in their work. I also have skills in terminology identification and standardisation. If you are interested in any of these services, please get in contact.

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A lexicographic approach to profiling nomenclature usage in the biodiversity literature


Approaches to Lexical Variation

Using lexicography to characterise relations between species names