About Me

Hi, I’m Sandra Young, the translator and interpreter behind Another Voice Translations. Since 2011, my job has been to help people to communicate between Spanish and Portuguese and my first language, English. My language expertise comes from many years of formal education plus a lifetime hopping between England and the Iberian Peninsula. I have a particularly long history with Murcia, Extremadura and Lisbon, although through the domain areas that I work in I have an extensive knowledge of Latin American issues.

As a translator and interpreter I am passionate about giving people a voice and facilitating communication between different parties. I do this through the spoken word (serving as a conduit for a Colombian campesino denouncing the impacts of mining activities, for a Mexican lawyer requesting international support from colleagues on the subject of forced disappearances, or facilitating access for migrants in the UK to health services) and in writing (by translating a multilateral institution report on climate policy implementation, a journalistic report revealing the complex marks left by colonial powers, or by editing the work of a Spanish language academic to help their research get published).

When I am not working, I am involved in a number of community initiatives which are linked to my desire to contribute positively to society and my interests in community cohesion, migrant integration, food systems and nature. I am a long-term volunteer and organiser at the New Roots Community Allotment in Brighton, which aims to promote biodiversity, grow organic food and expand people’s access to green spaces. I am also a long-term volunteer at Fareshare, a food waste reduction and redistribution initiative and have recently become involved in the local Brighton Community Support group to support refugee families coming to the area.


My qualifications

Language based
MA (Dist) in Translation and Interpreting (2011) University of Westminster
BA Hons 2:1 in Hispanic Studies (2009) University of Birmingham

Subject area based
PhD in Computational Linguistics 2021
Postgraduate Diploma in Renewable Energies (2010) EUDE, Madrid (distance learning)

Professional Memberships


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