examples of Translation Projects

Multimedia investigative reports


  • New Migration Dynamics in Northern Central America, Mexico and the United States (Franciscan International)
  • Climate and sport (GSCC)
  • UN training course documentation
  • Funding reports and project update reports

Policy and other internal organisational documents

  • Translation of internal policy documents
  • Translation of extractive industry internal documents for court cases relating to tailings dams distasters

Academic article editing and translation

  • Tifinagh rock inscriptions in the Central Sahara
  • Case studies in gynaecology

examples of Interpreting assignments


UN virtual side events

      • Justice and accountability in the context of extractive industries (Franciscans International)
      • Digging Deeper: Mining in Colombia and the urgent need for a UN Treaty (CAFOD)
      • A strategic approach to support human rights defenders (Amnesty International, PBI)


      • Police violence has no borders: human rights, land defence and police brutality (PBI)
      • Colombian protests and human rights violations in Buenaventura (PBI)
      • Protecting our common home (CAFOD)
      • Women, peace and security (Christian Aid)


      • HRD protection and resilience
      • Visionary workshop (organisational restructuring)
      • Self-care and regenerative workshops for HRDs at risk