I have been in Brazil for nearly two weeks now. It is so strange; the moment you set foot in another country, everything else seems like another life. Time is an odd thing; it feels like I have been here forever and no time at all at the same time.

As you can imagine, these last few days have been absolute madness, travelling from Recife to Serra Talhada, to Araripina, back to Recife, then back to Serra Talhada. This is the first afternoon that I have had to be on my own and have time to start the blog (and I imagine if anything that this will become more of a rarity). For those of you who don’t know, to give you an idea of the distances this covers – we travelled the length of Pernambuco State – some 750 kilometres more or less,  did the opposite journey, and after that we made the first leg of the journey again.

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The experience of being in charge of a group of foreigners, yourself foreigner, on the streets of Recife at night, however near to the hotel, is not my idea of fun. However, we all survived, and now it is Serra Talhada’s turn to welcome our group. Everyone has calmed down somewhat, eager to go to the community and start work. There is a great mixture of emotions flying about – from eagerness to suspense, nervousness and happiness…whatever, these are going to be three unforgettable months.



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