Bem-vindo! Chamo-me Sandra Young e sou a profissional que se encontra por detrás de Another Voice Translations. Deixe que os meus serviços linguísticos lhe dêem uma nova voz.

Another Voice Translations

Serviços de tradução, interpretação e consultadoria linguística entre Espanhol, Português e Inglês.

Bem-vindo! Chamo-me Sandra Young e sou a profissional que se encontra por detrás de Another Voice Translations. Deixe que os meus serviços linguísticos lhe dêem uma nova voz.
Sou uma falante nativa de Inglês com uma grande paixão pela Península Ibérica no seu tudo. Providencio serviços de tradução e interpretação em Espanhol, Português e Inglês. As minhas áreas de especialização reflectem os meus interesses, a minha formação e o caminho a que a minha curiosidade me conduziu. São:

Medicina y farmácia

    Saúde mental
    Terapia da fala
    Ensayos clínicos
    Documentação sobre productos farmacêuticos

Desenvolvimento internacional

    Direitos humanos
    Direitos sobre as terras e os territórios
    Defensores de direitos humanos
    Agricultura sustentável
    Gestão e aprovisionamento de agua


    Energias renováveis e verdes
    Gestão de agua e outros recursos
    Eficiência energética

Se procura alguém que escute realmente as suas necessidades, trata dos seus problemas de forma eficiente, e faz tudo isto com entusiamo e um sorriso no rosto, então não procure mais, eu sou o seu linguista.


  • I count myself fortunate to have worked with Sandra on several occasions in interpreting teams. Not only is she a pleasure to work with and always professional, she is also exceedingly good at what she does. Highly recommended.

    James Lupton
    Interpreter Macumba Translation and Interpreting
  • Sandra Young contributed to the Oxford Portuguese Dictionary, a completely new bilingual reference work published by Oxford University Press in 2015. Sandra started out as a translator on the project but her excellent language, editorial and analytical skills meant she quickly progressed to a wider editing role, using corpora and other tools to research material and improve draft text developing entries to publication standard. In the time she worked on the project, Sandra proved to be very accommodating and reliable, always delivering work on time and taking on more commitments to help deliver the best quality and keep the project on track. She was a pleasure to work with and would be a real asset to any project.

    Sinda Lopéz
    Oxford Dictionary project
  • PBI has worked with Sandra for a number of years now and we have always been fully satisfied with her services. She is a very competent interpreter, highly professional in her approach to the work, and at the same time friendly, good-humoured and accommodating. I would recommend her without a second thought.

    Laura Clarke
    Peace Brigades International
  • “We have worked with Sandra for over 2 years and always found her to be extremely professional in every capacity. As a provider of translation services to many of the world’s leading organisations, the linguists we work with have to be extremely diligent and extensively experienced in the subject areas concerned, and Sandra certainly meets these criteria. Sandra has also proved herself to work as the senior translator in a team which has proved invaluable in some of the larger projects she has worked on. The ability to advise and not patronise other linguists is a specific skill set which in addition to her technical knowledge certainly serves her well.

    Omer Ghaffar
    Senior Project Manager Prime Production Ltd